Beaches of Lefkada island

Annually, at least one of Lefkadas incredible beaches finds its way in the top ten lists of the most beautiful beaches of the world, from authoritative online sites to international print magazines.

Lefkada is the fourth largest island of the Ionian and boasts a unique interchangeable coastline. This singular characteristic has formed a large amount of beaches, each one offering unique experiences to the visitors.

Wild beauty, the deep sea and infinite continuous beaches, mark the west coast, where the dark grey of the rock and the deep green of the pine trees become one with the endless blue of the Ionian.

The beaches of the east coast are friendly, approachable, verdant, and small in size, suitable for family’s feature a different, beautiful and hospitable island.

Developed or pure, sandy or with pebbles, approachable by sea or land, all the beaches of Lefkada leave you feeling absolutely refreshed and make summers here extraordinary.

The most popular beaches of Lefkada, those considered as island trademarks, are located along the southwest coast, and are non other than Porto Katsiki and the exotic in beauty beach of Egremni. Located after the village of Athani, every year these two beaches attract thousands of visitors.

Porto Katsiki is on the “must do” list of all visitors. Steep, vertical, white rocks meet the approximately 500m beach that fades into the deep, turquoise, cool waters that come together to compose one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Upon leaving, each visitor carries not only numerous summer shots in their camera, but also unforgettable memories.

Breathtaking Egremni seem to float between the majestically, steep, vertical sheer cliff face and the exotic, deep water that brings out the entire spectrum of the colour blue. A seemingly endless beach of nearly 3 kilometres of unspoilt beauty, it offers an absolute experience to swimmers and nature lovers alike.

Kathisma beach, only 15 kilometres from Lefkada town, completes the list of the top three beaches of the island. It is one kilometre in length and is entirely organized with beach bars and restaurants, loud music, refreshing cocktails and ice-cold drinks. Its easy access makes it one of the favourite beaches for those who seek intensity and rhythm on their vacation.

Other wonderful beaches along the west coast of Lefkada are Pefkoulia and the extraordinary Milos, located near the village of Agios Nikitas, and the lesser known beaches of Avali, Kavalikefta and Megali Petra, below the village of Kalamitsi.

Whichever beach you may select, enjoy it until late in the evening in order to admire the most beautiful sunset in the world, that of Lefkada.

South and east of the island, the scenery is completely different compared to the wild, west coast of the island. Small, friendly, shallow and lush green beaches, interchange with bays and waterfront villages. Amongst the main tourist retreats of the island are the very popular Nidri, Vasiliki known for its world-class windsurfing and verdant Nikiana.

These beaches are easily accessible and offer all the comforts making them suitable for families with young children. This of course doesn’t mean that other age groups will feel excluded. Many of these locations hubs for fun water related activities and offer many options for water sports.

Thus we come upon a mini, friendly version of Porto Katsiki, magical Agiofili. This beautiful beach gives you the feeling that it wasn’t named by chance, as it literally means “kissed by a saint”.

If you prefer pebble beaches, try Ammouso or Mikros Gialos, where you may also enjoy a meal or your coffee by the sea, followed by a dip in the very refreshing water.

Smaller beaches such as Skidi (or Afteli) and Desimi showcase the wonderful colour variations of the green water, and the vegetation seems to plunge into the water, along with the swimmers.

And of course, don’t miss out taking a swim at the unique beaches of Lefkada town, including Kastro, endless Gyra and Agios Ioannis. It is essentially an endless 7 kilometre beach which will take your breath away. These amazing one of kind beaches of the island are simply unforgettable.

Wonderful, unique beaches of the island will be unforgettable.

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